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Easter Backgrounds - PowerPoint & Jpeg Backgrounds


Below is a list of instructions on how to insert your own backgrounds and change the font colors. Refer to the PowerPoint section if you need help with the interface.

Open one of your Song Lists.

STEP 1. Menu Bar: Choose Format then Background

STEP 2. Under Background fill click on the down arrow and choose Fill Effects.

STEP 3. Choose the Picture Tab and click on Select Picture.

STEP 4. Locate the background click Insert.

STEP 5. Click OK. And then Click Apply to All.

STEP 6. To add the welcome screen at the front of a slide show: First highlight the welcome slide in the outline pane. You can either type your own welcome screen on the slide or you can make a custom welcome screen in a photo editor and save it as a jpeg (use level 9 or 10 when compressing to the jpeg format). You can then insert it by following steps 1 through 4 above. In step 5 pick Apply and it will only change the one screen.

The background is now applied.
We will now need to change the font colors to work with this background.  

STEP A. Menu Bar: Choose Format then Slide Color Scheme.

STEP B. Choose the Custom Tab. Click on the Square to the right of the Text and lines. Choose Change Color.

STEP C. Choose the Standard Tab. Click on the Hexagon color you wish to use for the text. Click OK.

STEP D. To change the shadow color repeat step C.

STEP E. To use the new colors click Apply to All.

Background and text color setup is now finished.

You can move between programs without your audience noticing by using the same background for your music list and your desktop. See Desktop Background for more information.


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