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Easter Backgrounds - PowerPoint Easter Series

Our Easter Collection contains a comprehensive assortment of professionally produced Easter images and backgrounds built exclusively by Christian Backgrounds and customized for PowerPoint. Available in a variety of formats (Designer Sets, Backgrounds, Framed Backgrounds and Titled Backgrounds), our Easter Collection provides both a versatile and affordable solution to your church's projector needs.


PowerPoint Easter Series  - Sample Worship Background PowerPoint Easter Series  - Sample Titled Background

If you are looking for versatility, this high quality Easter Collection is meant for you. These professionally produced backgrounds are in jpeg format and come in sets of 6. All images within these sets are built with text placement and contrast in mind. The Easter Collection contains 8 sets of 6 backgrounds constructed as a Cover (ideal as a title page), Framed Background, Sidebar, Lower Quarter, Upper Quarter and Matte (containing a screened back theme). Our Easter Collection is designed to work in conjunction with virtually all digital projector software and is priced and designed to meet the needs of churches of all sizes.

PowerPoint Easter Series  - Sample Sermon Outline Backgrounds


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PowerPoint Easter Series
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In order to maintain consistency with search engine policies we are selling all the materials created by Using PowerPoint in Church through the  Easter Backgrounds site. Please click on the link above to visit this site.


Our PowerPoint Easter Backgrounds Series contains professional quality Easter PowerPoint worship Photos and projector backgrounds. Our PowerPoint Easter backgrounds, images and graphics for church projectors include PowerPoint worship photos, PowerPoint sermon outlines,  Easter PowerPoint animated announcements, PowerPoint Easter animated titled and Easter PowerPoint slideshows. Here at the using PowerPoint in Church, it is our desire to assist churches in spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by supplying projector optimized Easter PowerPoint materials which are both affordable and professional.



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