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In this section we deal with the computer software only and not the hardware. Configuring the computer properly is key to running the system smoothly. Below we have supplied tips and guidelines on how to ensure your system will work flawlessly when you turn it on an hour before your service.

We suggest you designate the computer for running the projector system only. If the computer is used for other purposes, word processing, internet access, etc... you risk having problems during the service. Avoid loading programs other than ones required. The more programs you load the greater chance there is of having conflicts. You don't want your congregation suddenly looking at a blank screen during the worship service.

Load a stable operating system like windows XP or 2000. Windows ME or 98 will work but they are not as stable as XP or 2000. Do not load an older operating system like windows 95. 

Turn off all screen savers. If your monitor goes into screen saving mode it will display through your projector as well. The flying windows won't look so good during your pastor's sermon. It is also a good idea to turn off any power management settings. Your screen saver and power management options are found under setting\control panel\display. 

Password protect your computer at the CMOS level. This will ensure that things don't get changed or loaded on the computer. The CMOS is loaded before the operating system and once the password is set no one can use the computer without the password.

Don't risk leaving the computer open to someone trying out the latest game on the large screen. I once found the screen saver had been turned back on during a service. After this the computer was password protected at the CMOS level, and only those trained on the system are given the password. Make sure you write down the password before protecting your system at this level. If you forget your password or write it down incorrectly only a qualified computer technician can remove the password. If you are unsure of what the CMOS is, find someone that understands computers and can set the CMOS password for you.

Clean the desktop of all icons that are not required. The icons will move to the projector screen if the mode gets switched. Under normal operation this should never happen, but there is always someone that wants to see what this setting will do. If the icons appear on the projector screen you will need to drag them back to the computer screen. It is much easier to drag five icons over than fifty.

You will need to copy the HalvettBlackCond font into your windows font directory. All the downloadable songs have been formatted using this font. The font is the same type as Arial only bolder and more condensed. It works excellent as a projected font as it is more readable. The file needs to be copied to your WINDOWS\FONTS directory.

A proper directory structure is important for finding your information quickly. Below is the directory structure we suggest you use for the Using PowerPoint in Church system.

The underscore located at the front of the directories is a way to sort information to the top. We use the "_Current Service" directory for the current service files, song list, announcement master, and sermon. Once the service is over we move the files to "_Past Services". This makes it easy to locate the current service files quickly. The "_Setup" directory is used for setup information or creating new content. By making working directories for creating new content under "_Setup" you will not clutter your main directories. Click here to download a zip file that contains the directory structure.


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