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In this section we cover the information on how to configure your dual video card to run in windows extended desktop mode. For information on installing the video card please refer to the manufacture's instructions that came with your card.


The G450 is a dual video card that allows you to hook up two output video sources. This means you can run a computer monitor and the projector system at the same time. It uses windows extended desktop to allow you to move or show different things on each monitor. This allows you to keep PowerPoint in outline mode on your computer monitor and slideshow mode on your projector.

STEP 1. Open Display in Control Panel.

STEP 2. On the Settings tab, click the monitor icon that represents the monitor you want to use in addition to your primary monitor.

STEP 3. Select the Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor check box, and then click Apply or OK.

STEP 1. Open Display in Control Panel.

STEP 2. On the Settings tab, click the monitor icon that represents the monitor whose screen resolution you want to change.

STEP 3. In Screen area, drag the slider to set the resolution you want to use for the selected monitor, change the color setting to the highest 24 or 32 bit, and then click OK or Apply to view changes.

Repeat the above procedure on the monitor 2 which is your projector. Set your projector to the highest screen resolution listed in your projectors manual under the specifications section.

Click on the advanced button and make sure that the settings under the DualHead tab appear as illustrated below.

The ideal resolution for your computer screen is 1280x1024. The Matrox Dual cards are capable of running at this resolution in full color. You will need to check your monitor specifications and make sure it can run at this resolution. If it is a newer monitor it should be able to accept a 1280x1024 signal. Set the refresh frequency to the highest possible setting at this resolution, as this will reduce the screen flicker. If your monitor is not capable of running at 1280x1024 set it to the highest setting it can handle. Note: if you are using a flat panel display it has an optimal screen resolution that it runs best at. If you set the screen resolution to anything other than the optimal resolution the screen and fonts will look blurry.

You can arrange the monitors in the control panel by dragging them, so that they match the setup in your auditorium. If for instance your monitor is on the left and your projector is on the right make sure when you slide your mouse off the right side of your computer monitor it appears on the projector screen.

While in extended desktop mode your mouse curser can move from one monitor to the other. If you are not careful you will find the mouse curser on the projected screen. The mouse cursor also tends to vanish in some operating systems when PowerPoint is in slide show mode. It can take a few seconds to reappear once the mouse is moved. If however you keep the mouse cursor overtop of the task bar at the bottom of your screen it will prevent this from happening.


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