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We have included a fair amount of information on this site to do with setting up and running your service using PowerPoint. Although the actual operation of our system is very simply there are a few things to set up. Once this is accomplished the system is easy to manage and looks very professional. It is even possible to set up an entire service an hour before it starts.

Below you will find a list of things you will need accomplish to get your church up and running with a projector, computer and the Using PowerPoint in church system.

Purchase Projector

Projector Systems

Install Projector

Projector Installation

Purchase Computer

Computer Hardware

Setup Computer

Computer Setup

Setup Dual Video Card

Dual Video Setup

Install Software


Purchase/Download Materials

Directory Structure

Song Template

Spring Collection

Summer Collection

Fall Collection

Other Collection



Enter Songs

Entering New Songs

Create Song List

Song List Setup

Setup Announcements


Setup Sermon

Sermon Templates

Start Presentations

Show on Setup

After the setup up is done, and most of your songs are entered operating is a simple process. You can train people to use the system by working with them in a few services.


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