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Below is PowerPoint Variety Pack from Using PowerPoint in Church. This package contains 73 projector ready worship backgrounds, 18 animated announcements, 3 sermon templates and ten formatted songs. The Variety Pack also contains a excellent screen font, song template and screen alignment file. Whether your new to PowerPoint or looking for some quality materials for your projector, the PowerPoint Variety Pack give you that professional look and feel.


The PowerPoint backgrounds included in the starter set have a welcome screen and a high contract default font. There are five sets in total spring, summer, winter, fall and other. 


The PowerPoint announcements contain a fair amount of animation and have text areas you can change to suit your needs. There are 9 special events, 3 services/programs, 6 weekly events, and 6 boarder styles for the weekly events.


Sermon Templates
Three customized sermon templates have been included. Each template contains customized pages for verses and outline points.   

Music (10 Songs)
We have included 10 preformatted songs for use with the music backgrounds. These songs are public domain 

Song Font
The font we use for the songs is also included in this set. We have font this to be the best font for worship as its easy to read even from an angle.

Song Template

The song setup template is also included in the sampler. You can use this as a base to setup your own songs. 

Screen Alignment
We have also included the PowerPoint file to help you align your projector screen.


The Variety Pack is available for immediate download
To download the Variety Pack pay below.
(Entire collection is over 43mb)

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Buy now for only:  $37.95  (us funds)


The Variety Pack is also available in on a CD-ROM.
See shipping options below:

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CD by FedEx (1 to 3 days) 
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CD by Regular Mail
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